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Take control over your habits and build generational health 


Your step-by-step approach to improve disease and uncover the healthiest version of yourself. Learn how to transform your wellness status to live a happier, healthier life.

No gimmicks | No wait times | Full access to resources

Are you fed up yet with doctors giving you random recommendations, but never the support that you actually need? Maybe it goes like this...

👎🏾 You spend 2 hours waiting in a crowded office only to spend 15 minutes with your provider.

👎🏾 You get general lifestyle recommendations, not individualized insight based on your unique characteristics.

👎🏾 You leave the office empty-handed, more confused, and often worse than you came.


You deserve better health. Period.

I am here to help you unlock it -- let's start by putting the control back in your hands.

There are millions of providers in this country, but very few of them actually aim to listen to their clients and put forth the effort to help them heal.

It's time to give you the care you desire. So you can make serious transformations.


"Dr. Mary is by far the best doctor I have had in a long time and I'm very lucky to have found her. She is patient, knowledgeable and so caring and sincere about my health"

-Shana B.

They learned how to take control to transform their health.
You can too with the right tools. You just have to be willing to start.

With our programs, you will reach your individualized goal, but may also:

Reduce exposure to harmful toxins.

Promote healthy weight transformation.

Engage in more physical activity.

Restore energy level and endurance.

Improve your salt and sugar cravings.

Improve quality of sleep and rest.

Better control your stress response.

Prevent or manage chronic disease.

Adopt lasting healthy eating habits.

Meet the doctor behind the creations

Dr. Mary, Lifestyle Medicine Nurse Practitioner

I teach individuals how to transform their health status with simple habit changes.

Before this, I started out as an RN, witnessing the degradation of "healthcare" and the quality of life. I progressed to a nurse practitioner to provide family care services in under-served areas.

While trying to bridge the care gap, I gravitated towards a new calling. This is when I discovered how to help individuals like you make long-life changes to promote wellness and reduce sickness.

PICT_20221102_101313-removebg-preview (8).png

One habit away from healthier.

Seriously, you already know what you need to do.
You just need to commit to doing it. Let me help.

The support you need is here, 

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