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Frequently Asked Questions

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Functional medicine services are coming to Rooted Vigor, LLC in 2023. Subscribe below to stay up to date on specific details. We cant wait to be your favorite provider.

Which insurances do you accept? We do not file for insurance coverage, however, we may be able to provide you with the documentation needed (superbill) so that you can challenge reimbursement. Most clients have success with the majority reimbursement based on their individual plans. However, superbills are provided on a case by case basis. We provide superbills in the scenarios where we feel you will have the greatest chance of reimbursement.

Why don't you accept insurance? Long story short, insurance does not support wellness as often as it should. In many cases, insurances will try to limit how I can support my client by not covering lab test or visits. We want you to be able to recieve the full care experience. So in leiu of that, we make sure to keep our prices low and affordable with NO surprises. What you see is what you pay.

Do I still need insurance? We recommend that you maintain an insurance plan at all times being that we do not replace insurance and we do not cover cost associated with specialists, ER visits and/or hospitalizations.

I have medicare, can I book? Federal law prohibits accepting cash payments from Medicare beneficiaries. So, unfortunately, I am unable to see Medicare beneficiaries at the moment. We are working to change this soon. In the meantime, by scheduling, you acknowledge that you are not a Medicare beneficiary.

Do you prescribe medications? Yes. Our focus is on supporting the body with evidence based naturopathy including medical grade supplements and antimicrobial herbs, amongst others. However, in the event that you need a pharmaceutical prescription,we can provide a temporary prescription for clients who are apart of our vigor membership.

What states do you service? If you are looking for virtual primary care services that include lab orders and supplement prescriptions, and refills, we provide that service to residents of NY, ID, NV, FL, and AZ. However, we provide RN Lifestyle management services in most states, excluding: Oregon Connecticut Alaska Illinois Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Rhode Island Washington

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