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Introduction to Exercise Program

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I understand that not everyone grew up with the opportunity to understand the benefits of physical activity and apply it as a daily healthy habit. My Introduction to Exercise Program is the perfect resource if you know you need to start exercising but need more support. With this program, you get complete access to everything you need to incorporate fitness into your life. Dr.Mary created this program to give you a gentle start in adding more movement into your life to improve your well-being and maintain longevity. This is a self-management program that includes: - 28 Day Exercise Plan - Warmups and Cool Downs - Video Workout Tutorials and Demonstrations - A Walking and Introduction to Running Program - Injury Free Fitness eBook - Supplements + Nutrients Guide to Reducing Discomfort + BONUS: - 120 Day Home Workout Plan - 7-Day Beginner Gym Workout Plan - 7-Day Intermediate Gym Workout Plan - 7-Day Advanced Gym Workout Plan - 12 Week Calisthenics Workout Plan We will regularly update all resources, so hold on to your login information. The program values at $197, but the first 15 people to sign up automatically get $$$ off. Why am I offering this low price? My goal is to help you discover that exercise can be an enjoyable part of your everyday life, and it may be easier than you think to get into the habit of working out! It’s a special month and I just want to see my people thrive! If you’re ready to give it a shot, I’m ready too! All you need to do is sign up!

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Exercise Accountability Group

Exercise Accountability Group

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