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Welcome to 
Rooted  Vigor Health



  1. establish deeply and firmly.

/ˈviɡər/ - 


  1. physical strength and good health.

A space reserved for curating deeply rooted physical strength + good health.

We at Rooted Vigor trust that everyone has their own personal healing capability, and we are here to help you discover it. Many medical professionals have lost touch with connecting with clients, as the majority of attention is on getting paid and getting clients out as fast as they get them in. At Rooted Vigor, we do not follow the same code. We like to build relationships with our clients and give them all of the time they need, so they can focus on their goals and witness long-lasting positive health outcomes. 

We stand for something.

A call for action.

Disease prevalence is increasing, and it is becoming more difficult to treat, manage and prevent debilitating conditions that claim the lives of many individuals daily. Conventional medicine use alone is not adequate enough to control what we will consider an 'epidemic of diseases. Every community has witnessed desolation from debilitating conditions, especially those of under-served and minority-based communities.
These diseases can be attributed to poor lifestyle choices, lack of self-awareness, and misinformation. In response to these diseases, we often observe the 'over-medicating' of these individuals. However, many health systems fail to investigate the underlying cause that presents in many of these situations -- poor lifestyle habits. At Rooted Vigor Health, we aim to help clients investigate their lifestyles and make the necessary changes.





A temple should be built on pillars that support and protect the establishment against disease, dysfunction, and destruction while promoting understanding, resiliency, and balance. Our four pillars serve as the foundation of our temple to satisfy each divinity -- the mind, body, and soul.

The four pillars our house stand on.

"I no longer felt fulfilled treating the sick because I wanted to help prevent them from getting there in the first place."

Mary Gamble, DNP


Start your wellness journey.

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