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Healing Fibroid Protocol

Healing Fibroid Protocol

This ebook details Dr. Mary's Healing Fibroid Protocol; a comprehensive approach to treating fibroids naturally. Dr. Mary uses this specific guide to create personalized management plans for clients with fibroids based on a 6-month plan including gut healing, detoxification, and hormonal balance.


The protocol covers dietary and lifestyle changes, herbs, supplements, and other natural therapies.


The ebook is intended to empower individuals to take control of their health and create a holistic and natural approach to managing their fibroids.


This eBook gives you access to the resources that I would provide for my own clients. 

  • File Format: The eBook will be available in PDF format, which can be easily opened and read on any device with a PDF reader.

    File License: The eBook is provided to customers via a single-user, non-transferable license. Customers may use the eBook for their own personal use only, and may not resell, lend, give away, or otherwise provide access to the eBook to anyone else.

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