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How to Lower Your Daily Calorie Intake

When it comes to maintaining a low-calorie diet, you might find it frustrating to avoid all your beloved foods to lose weight. However, don't worry; swap some of your preferred foods with healthier options! No more sacrificing your cravings! Hop on with us to explore a healthy, nutritious, and wholesome food diet.

Add these changes to your life and watch your extra pounds drop quickly!

  • Consider using Skinless Chicken Breast instead of chicken with skin

  • Choose more whole-grain products instead of those made with refined grains

  • Use Mustard sauce in place of other condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, barbeque sauce, etc

  • Fill up on low-carb vegetables instead of bread, rice, and pasta

  • Choose Greek yogurt over flavored and processed yogurts

  • Eat Open burgers; cutting off even one slice of bread from your burger will not affect the taste but will reduce calories from your meal

  • Cook with grapeseed or sunflower oil instead of other high-fat oils, and use butter, margarine, oils, and cheese sparingly

  • Cook Whole Wheat or legume-based pasta instead of white pasta. They are relatively high in fiber and contain more vitamins E and B

  • Make a Red Sauce Pasta with peppers and tomatoes instead of white alfredo sauce

  • Replace white sugar with Brown Sugar, agave, stevia, or Cinnamon Powder. It tastes delicious and smells tempting at the same time

  • Many proteins carry fat with them, so look at the proteins you're eating to see if you can substitute leaner versions such as chicken breast without the skin for dark meat chicken with the skin; top round beef instead of ribeye steaks; low or fat-free dairy instead of full-fat versions

  • Bake, roast, grill, or boil things instead of frying them. It eliminates the amount of extra oil while keeping your calories in control and nutrients balanced.

  • Use low-fat or fat-free salad dressings and mayonnaise, or substitute dressing and condiment for vinegar or lemon juice and olive oil when possible.

We know it's hard to make healthier eating choices when out with friends and family. Here are some nutritious food swaps that will not let you down in front of anyone and still taste luscious.

  • In restaurants, look for Thin Crust Pizza; it's tastier and healthier

  • Pick 100% Fruit Juices instead of carbonated drinks, but when possible, choose whole fruit instead of fruit juices.

  • Skip the sugar in your daily cappuccino or latte.

  • Grab Plain Popcorn or nuts instead of other crisp snacks from grocery stores.

  • Pick Fat-free, Non-dairy Milk like cashew milk.

  • Choose more plant-based proteins, like legumes, instead of animal proteins.

These are simple swaps that will effectively cut extra calories from your diet. They can satisfy and lead you toward your fitness goals without relinquishing your hunger.


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